Finally it's Deals for who can reach you

With location aware technology we will display deals that your users can reach to, and arranged by distance from them.

You will only be charged for deals view and no fixed charges associated with the deal.

Effecient tracking allows you to track from where your visitors are viewing your deals.

And to add more to it.

You can anytime connect to people who have redeemed a deal for your store, thus enhancing client retention.

Targetteed marketing also allows you to send deal notifications for users that have shopped at your store.

With DealsGeo Deal ScanTM visitors can just scan a code at your place to subscribe to your deals.

Social integration also promotes your deals on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

We are everywhere, on Web, Mobile Web, Android, and iPhones.

Upto 80% cheaper that pamplet marketing.

Its the first time when your marketing will unterstand distance concept and people who are near to you will be targetted.

Its the first time someone has eleminated a copy pen on billing counter to ensure that buyers become regular customers.

Its the first time someone has taken mobile apps so seriously and religiously.

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